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Excel plaza was created with a single goal in mind; to provide quality services and to develop men that will take hold of their future, at the lowest prices possible. In the last two years we have being able to achieve that, we also provide services like web designing, translation from English to Spanish, French and vice versa. We also handle copywriting, website promotion and e-marketing. We also develop Software in java language.

fomular for richesFormula For Riches by J. O. Benedine
PRICE: $19.95
FORMAT: E-Book in .PDF format (adobe perfect document format) all compressed in .zip format.
"Benedine J. Ofomah has hit a home run! Formula For Riches is highly motivating, educative and informative."---Janet N. Buford

"Simply put, Formula For Riches, may well be the best book ever you will see on the subject of financial freedom and stability."---Robert Engstrom

"Are you aspiring to be the next world richest man? if yes then i recommend this book for you. This is not a hype on financial freedom, it is an indispensable guide that leads to riches."---Romaryo, owner Host7stars.

"This is not a book that claims to show you how to turn $1 into $10,000 within a week. Formula For Riches is full of genuine tested, trusted and guaranteed formula for wealth creation.---Nkoli Mmako, a medical lab. scientist.


journey successJourney Down The Road Of Success by Benedine J. Ofomah
PRICE: $17.85
FORMAT: E-Book in .PDF format (adobe perfect document format) and all compressed in .zip format.
"Journey Down The Road Of Success is a book that i will recommend for everyone out the that aspires for success in any of his or her life endeavors."---Caleb, a Computer Engineer.

"If you are aspiring to be the next Bill Gates, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan or the best in any career or life endeavors, then i highly recommend this book for you. Let it be your guide."---Tanvir Khan, graphic artist.

"This is a great inspirational book that will unlock all your potentials. This book will make the sky your starting point."---Sara Clark, school teacher.

"Journey down the road of success is full of tips and secrets for success in life, be it financially, career wise or otherwise."---Sherry Robinson, TV presenter.

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